Regulatory & Licensing Law

Regulatory & Licensing Law

Helping you understand and enforce your rights

Boeing & Wise can offer specialist legal advice and guidance to business clients facing regulatory and licensing law issues. Businesses today face increasing challenges from local authorities and regulatory regimes that can ultimately have dire consequences as to the future operation and continuation of any business.

Our expert team are best placed to assist clients with applications to do with licensing and appeals to do with allegations of regulatory breaches. A key area in which we can offer specialist legal advice is to taxi drivers with regards the taxi licensing law.

All our services are offered at competitive affordable rates. Our aim is to help clients understand and enforce their rights. Contact one of our expert legal advisers today in order to find out more.  


Boeing & Wise’s expert regulatory and licensing team can assist pubs, clubs, restaurants and convenience stores obtain licenses for longer opening hours, to sell alcohol and food. Often limitations set by local authorities in relation to licensing can have dire effects on how businesses run and operate.

If you feel that your application for a licence has been refused unduly, our expert team may be able to help. We have experience in assisting clients across a wide range of areas and in a wide range of situations.

What you can expect from our legal advice and service is practical, straight-forward and affordable advice with regards the law, your rights and how you can better enforce and assert them.

Contact one of our expert legal advisers today to find out more about what we can do for you.

Taxi Licensing Law

Boeing & Wise’s regulatory and licensing law department began through specifically assisting taxi drivers with licensing issues. Cases in which we have successfully obtained favourable results for clients include appeals against decisions by local authorities to refuse granting our clients a licence or refusing to renew a licence.

There are general statutory rules that apply to every local authority generally. However, within each local authority or Council there is room for them to impose stricter conditions on taxi drivers seeking to obtain or renew a licence.

If you have applied for a licence or for your current one to be renewed and you have refused, you have a right to appeal that decision in the local magistrates.’ Our expert legal team is best placed to help you do so if you feel you have a case.


Our Fees

We have made understanding our fees for licensing work as simple as possible for our clients. At the outset of taking your instructions we will discuss which fee paying option suits your circumstances and allow you to opt for either our fixed hourly rates or agree a total fee for the application and any further work. We can also do part of the work on a fixed fee basis and other work on an hourly rate if we feel it would save you paying a higher. Please note the VAT Charge of 20% shall be applicable to the fees below and any disbursements incurred. fee. 

Licensing Law Specialist


   Fixed Fee Consultation


   15 years plus post qualification experience

   £450 (£375 plus VAT)

Associate, Senior  Solicito

   5 years plus post qualification experience

   £360 (£300 plus VAT)

Hourly Rates

Licensing Law Specialist


  Hourly Rate Fees

Director, Partner Solicitor

  15 years plus post qualification experience

  £300 (£250 plus VAT)

Associate, Senior Solicitor

  5 years plus post qualification experience

  £240 (£200 plus VAT)

Fixed Fees (all fixed fee work is undertaken by a senior solicitor (see above for experience level)

• Standard/Basic applications: £600 – £1,500+ VAT

• Detailed/Complex applications: £1,500 – £2,500 + 20% VAT

Matters that are taken into account when assessing the complexity of your application will include (but not limited to) the size and type of premises, location and whether there is a cumulative impact policy in place.

What our fees include

  • Taking your instructions and advising you about the licensing application
    Completing the application form for a new premises licence in accordance with your instructions.
  • Submitting application to the local licensing authority alongside suitable plans. 
  • Advice on fees payable to the licensing authorities.
  • Arranging with you for you to display the notice(s) advertising the premises licence application and advising as to where and how this should be done by you in order to comply with the requirements of the Licensing Act 2003. 
  • Preparing licence application and serving the application on the responsible authorities.
  • Preparing notices advertising the premises licence application and submitting the notice to the local newspaper.


Who will handle your case?

Only a fully qualified Solicitor with at least 5 years of experience will carryout any work on your case.

We assess each case on a case-by-case basis and will only pursue a case if we feel there is enough evidence that we have more than a 60% chance of winning. What this means is that we do not advise clients to pursue costly claims in the magistrates’ courts when we are have assessed there is no to low risk of succeeding.

Should we proceed with taking on your case, you will be kept up-to-date every step of the way. Additionally, we keep our costs structure transparent in order so that there are no surprises for you at the conclusion of your case. Contact one of our expert team today to find out more about what we can do for you.

Our fees will not include:

       •   Representing you at any pre-consultation meetings with the Licensing Authority or Responsible Authorities.

  • Obtaining any plans

  • Representation at any licensing sub-committee hearing of the responsible authority.


Disbursements will differ on a case by case basis. We cannot therefore give you a definitive list of all the disbursements that may be involved in your case, however we can provide you with examples of the most common disbursements.  

• Application fee (payable to licensing authority) – fees range from £100 to £1,905+20%VAT, depending on the rateable value of your premises.
• Enquiry agent fees to display public notices £150 – £250+20%VAT

How long will it take?

Matters take approximately 8-10 weeks. If your application is more complex, it may take longer.


To get a fixed fee quote for our fees click below and receive a quote today. The quote will include details of any disbursements, VAT and the expertise of the person dealing with your matter. 

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