Road Traffic Offences

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Boeing & Wise can offer clients specialist legal advice, guidance and representation in relation to a wide range of motoring offences, including Careless and Dangerous Driving, Driving whilst under the influence, driving whilst disqualified or when points have totted up leading to disqualification.

Often clients can be unsure as to the procedure as to appeal a court decision to revoke somebody’s licence. Our expert team is at hand to provide effective, efficient, cost-effective, legal advice and service to clients as we understand how important having a licence can be to our client’s livelihood and liberty. Contact one of our expert team today to find out more. 

Careless / Dangerous Driving

If you have been involved in an accident, you could be looking at a personal injury claim against you and your insurers but you could also be looking at the police seeking to prosecute you for careless and dangerous driving. Often, the line between negligence and carelessness at law is very fine indeed.

Generally, it is easier for the innocent party to a road traffic accident to convince a Court as to their right to compensation in a personal injury claim than it would be for them to convince a Court a driver is guilty of a criminal offence. This is based on different standards of proof within the civil and criminal courts.

Our expert motoring offences team can assist you in understanding this area of law, and defending you, should you wish to refute allegations that your driving was indeed careless or dangerous. Over the years we have assisted many clients with defending baseless allegations that their driving was careless or dangerous.

Contact one of our expert team today to find out how we could assist you.

Driving Whilst Under the Influence

If you have been caught driving whilst under the influence, it is vitally important that you seek expert legal advice and representation immediately in order that you are aware of the different options available to you, the case against you and any defences you may be able to raise against such allegations.

We have assisted many clients raise effective defences against allegations to do with driving under the influence for various different reasons such as on the grounds of procedural technicalities, duress, special reasons and post-incident consumption defences. Contact one of our expert team today to see how our experience and legal knowledge could assist you.

Driving Whilst Disqualified, Without Insurance or License

Boeing & Wise can offer clients a quick and effective legal advice service in relation to allegations that you were driving whilst disqualified, without insurance or a licence. These are known as ‘strict liability’ offences which means that technically speaking there are no defences if you are charged with these offences.

However, our expert team can assist you in preparing and representing your case so that a more lenient sentence or punishment is awarded by the Court depending on your particular circumstance and situation. 

Disqualification due to Totting Up

If you have accumulated 12 or more penalty points within a 3 year period, this can usually mean that you may be subject to being disqualified for a period of 6 months. This can usually mean your job and livelihood is at risk if you are dependent on driving for a living or in order to support your family.

There is a defence that can be raised in relation to being disqualified due to totting up and this is if disqualification would lead to exceptional hardship. Contact one of our expert team of legal advisers for legal advice and guidance as to whether this defence could apply to you today.


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