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Boeing & Wise can help clients to manage their family affairs and provide specialist legal advice regarding all areas of Wills, Trusts and related matters. Our expert team aims to provide clients with practical, straight-forward, transparent legal advice in relation to these areas. Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow.

It is important to take steps today to ensure the things that are important to you are protected for the future. Speak to one of our advisers who can better assess your needs and circumstances and advise you as to the most cost-effective legal solution available. 


The Law Society reports that only 1 in 3 people possess a Will upon their death. For the 2 out of 3, the law determines how their estate and assets are distributed and this can often mean that your loved ones could not get what they need or expected.

Boeing & Wise can assist you in drafting a legally valid Will that gives effect to all your wishes after your death in order to ensure that your friends, families, partners, charities get exactly what you want them to upon your death.

Without a Will you could be leaving your loved ones with various issues such as unmanageable tax burdens and so on. Wills are absolutely key in order to ensure the assets you have accumulated in life are distributed and allocated according to your wishes.

Boeing & Wise’s expert team can not only assist in the drafting of your Will but can also provide advice as to Inheritance Tax in order to minimise your tax liabilities and to ensure maximum protection of your assets and wealth for your loved ones. Further, our team can arrange the formal signing of your Will in addition to retaining it for safe-keeping.


As discussed above, often individuals do not take steps to create Wills prior to their deaths. This can mean that different parties, depending on their circumstances and other considerations, may have rights they can assert, by law, as regards an individual’s estate and assets.

There is specific legal protection available for spouses, children and other dependents, that could provide relief if a person has died without leaving sufficient funds in order to ensure these individuals continued well-being. Our expert team can assist you in understanding your rights as to inheritance.

We advise all clients to act quickly however as there are time-limits within which parties can make a claim with regards inheritance under specific legislation. This is usually within 6 months of the Grant of Probate being obtained, after this date you may lose your right to assert your inheritance claim.  Contact our expert team today to see if how we can assist you. 

Administration of Estates

Sometimes, even if an individual has a Will in place prior to their death, disputes can arise in relation to the administration of their estates. An Executor is a person who is seen to execute the administration of somebody’s estate for a ‘Beneficiary’ (which is a person who is to receive the benefit of a person’s estate).

Executors are usually limited to execute and administer a person’s estate within 12 months by law. However, if the estate is large and complex this time limit can be extended.

On occasion, an executor could feel that one or more of the beneficiaries are not cooperating in providing information about assets within the deceased’s estates or, vice versa, beneficiaries may consider that an Executor is taking too long to deal with an estate or is being deliberately obstructive and delaying the administration on purpose.

Boeing & Wise can help clients in both these types of cases as regards administration of estate disputes by providing practical, straight-forward legal advice and solutions in order to achieve the ends our clients want and need.


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