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The figures generated are an estimate indication only. There are two things in particular you should note. The first is that the estimate is for general damages only. In any personal injury settlement or compensation award, claimants will usually be awarded a figure for their ‘general damages’ and one for their ‘special damages.’ Please refer to our articles and publications section for more information as to the difference. Secondly, the estimate below only relates to one injury only. Many of our clients will have suffered multiple injuries. Please note multiple injuries will also be taken into account in any final award you could receive. Therefore, the figures generated are an estimate indication only. For a more accurate quote as to how much your claim could be worth, get in touch with one of expert legal team.

the value of your claim could be worth:

£3,000 to £23,000

The range indicated above is based on previous personal injury cases where Claimants have been awarded compensation for their injuries, ranging from less serious, moderate to severe injuries of the area selected. For example, if you have suffered personal injury causing you to lose your sight, the lower range would indicate how much you would receive if you experienced, say, partial loss of sight and the higher award amount would represent what someone who suffered complete and total blindness would receive in general damages. These figures are estimates only and we only wish to serve as an indication to prospective clients as to how much their claim might be worth. The ultimate compensation award figure will be decided and affected by many different factors, such as your age, lifestyle, nature and extent of your injuries. For a more accurate estimate as to how much your claim could be worth, please contact our offices and speak to one of our expert legal team today.


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