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Helping you get what you paid for

Boeing & Wise offers specialist legal advice and guidance to clients who are seeking compensation, refunds or replacements after purchasing faulty goods or services. The main issue our clients who are pursuing consumer law issues have is not knowing what their rights, as a consumer, are in the first instance.

Our expert team can help clients understand those rights and the avenues available in order to achieve refunds, replacement of goods and just compensation: not all of these avenues involve going to trial. We can assist clients with review of their sales contracts, understanding the law, making a complaint to the relevant Ombudsman and negotiating with the seller in order to achieve the outcome desired.

Below we have set out some basic information regarding some key areas in which we have helped clients assert their Consumer Rights. If you think your issue has gotten to the stage where you wish to consider legal action against a seller, call one of our expert team who would be happy to discuss how we can help and the cost-effective payment options we can offer you.

Faulty Goods

Every time you purchase goods, whether it is a mobile phone from a friend, earphones from a market seller, a sofa or a car, you automatically enter into an agreement with the seller, whether they provide you with a receipt and irrespective as to whether or not that agreement is set out in writing or not.

There is legislation that exists that prevents sellers from selling goods to you that are faulty, that are not as described or of unreasonable quality, or not fit for purpose. What’s more your rights, as a consumer, can exist for up to 6 years after the date you purchased your goods.

Boeing & Wise’s specialist consumer law department can offer you an effective, efficient legal service in obtaining a refund or replacement of goods, depending on the outcome you wish to achieve. Call one of our team today to see what they could do for you.

Faulty Services

Depending on whether you purchased goods or paid for the services of a tradesman, plumber or hairdresser, the law differs slightly in terms of what your rights are as a Consumer. However, the protection the law offers is the same, that you should get what you pay for as a Consumer.

When you purchase services, as a Consumer, you may be able to take legal action against the provider of those services if the service they provide is not provided for in a reasonable time or at a reasonable cost.

The key point we advise all our clients is to take action as soon as possible if you suspect your rights have been abused. Contact one of our team today to see what we can do if you feel you have been treated unfairly.

Cancelling a Credit Agreement

We have helped clients who have borrowed money or taken out credit or a loan or a bank overdraft in relation to buying goods. In general, you can cancel an agreement within 14 days after you have signed it.

After that, if the goods you have purchased become faulty, it is the responsibility of the lender of your credit to investigate this further and if the goods or services are found to be faulty then you may be able to pursue legal action against your lender for replacement of the goods or in order to get out of your credit agreement.

Often, this can be a technical and complex area of law for clients pursuing this action but Boeing & Wise’s expert team are ready to help clients understand their rights and pursue such action. Call one of our expert team today to find out more. 


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