Privacy Policy

The policy below sets out how the firm may collect and store information about you and how we may use it. All our processes are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. Further, all our activities comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and all our staff are trained accordingly.

We may collect information about you if you are our client, or a visitor of this site and you have submitted your details to us through one of the forms online. Our policy is to only use the information you provided for the manner in which it was requested, and in order to provide you with any updates as regards internal developments regarding the Firm and / or any external developments to do with the law we believe you may find interesting.

Another way we may collect information about you is through the use of ‘analytical’ cookies. Should you not wish your information to be collected in such a manner or to be contacted via email updates please contact the Firm and notify us accordingly. By continuing to use and visit our site, your consent to us collecting and using your information in the manner above, in accordance with the terms of this policy, will be implied unless we are notified otherwise.

Your Rights & Security

You have a right to access any information we hold about you. Please email Adeal Zahid should you wish to make a request to access such information or if you would like such information to be removed from our database, amended or updated.

We endeavour to protect the security of any information we accumulate from our clients and from visitors of our site. Our security measures include the use of anti-virus software and intrusion detection technology. For the purposes of this policy, the internet is not considered a secure medium. As such, any transmission of information will be taken at the site visitor’s own risk (including any transmission made over email).

Third Party Disclosure

In accordance with the terms of this policy and the law, we will only ever disclose your personal information to third parties if the purpose of such disclosure is for the third party to assist us in processing the personal information on our behalf.

Further, any agreement we hold with a third party supplier will necessarily be executed in accordance with this policy and subject to the terms herein. We will never disclose your personal information or details regarding your claim to any third party, for any other purpose, without your prior approval and consent, save in the exceptional instances where we are required to do so by law.

We refer clients and visitors to our site to our standard Terms & Conditions: specifically, with regards the clauses concerning our overriding duty to the Court, and where our duty of confidentiality may be superseded by our duty to prevent money-laundering and terrorism.

Governing Law

Should any issues arise, this website and your use of it is governed by the law of England and Wales. This means that any dispute arising from a breach of this policy will only have jurisdiction in the Courts of England and Wales. Please note that this policy does not create any contractual or other legal rights.

This policy may be subject to change from time to time. Should any changes occur we will endeavour to notify our existing clients but recommend that visitors continue to check this page and our most recent Terms & Conditions in order to update themselves as to the most current terms of this policy.

Your continued use of this site will be deemed as acceptance the terms of this policy following any changes. Note this policy was last updated on 07/07/2014.