Business MOT

Proactive action in order to keep your interests protected

Boeing & Wise are big advocates for proactive (as opposed to costly reactive) action in order to minimise risk and any future cost to our business clients. As part of the legal service we provide our commercial clients, we are now offering clients a business MOT.

What this involves is a full head-to-toe assessment of your business, your management and relationship with your employees, and review of the current legal documents you have in place in order to provide you with a clear, impartial, objective assessment as to the legal risk (if any) your business may be exposed and the likely costs should such risk materialise.

Often we have seen clients try and tackle these legal issues alone without seeking expert legal advice and guidance. This can often end up costing clients more time, more money than if they had just instructed professionals to do it for them in the first place. Contact one of our team today in order to find out more about the service we provide and the affordable rates at which we can provide it. 

Areas of Advice

Our expert commercial team can provide advice and guidance and assessment as to risk with regards the following areas: employment law, property law, immigration law and commercial law.

Specifically, we can review your relationships with the end consumer, your employees, other partners, investors, suppliers and accountants in order to assess the areas where your business could be at risk and could benefit most from proactive legal action taking place such as in the form of contracts being drafted in order to better set out each parties rights and responsibilities.

We have advised clients across many different business sectors and believe in a client-led approach with regards to providing this service. If there are key areas in which you are most concerned about, our expert team can tailor our advice to suit your needs and queries. Contact us today in order to find out more.

The Process

Each business is different and therefore their needs and concerns will be different. In general, the process usually begins with prospective clients booking in for a free 30 minute consultation with one of our expert legal advisers.

If there are key areas of concerns that the client has raised, these will be the main focus of our team’s work. If not, we can provide a general report to clients who purchase this service. The Business MOT is a lot more personable and client-led than one might think at first blush.

The most pressing liabilities that may arise may be rooted in something as personal as somebody’s management style and infrastructure of a business.

Therefore, the key next step for a member of our team is to attend your business allowing them to really assess your business inside and out. At the same time, a review of the legal documents you have in place will be undertaken.

The final stage is for us to produce a report, after a thorough review of your business, that sets out clearly and objectively the risk and liability (if any) your business may currently be exposed. This is a completely objective service and within the report, clients will see objective reasons as to the conclusions reached and upon which our advice is based.

We find that this service has given invaluable insight to employers with regards the inner-runnings of their business and has greatly assisted them in understanding how to protect their interests, long-term. Contact one of our expert legal advisers today to find out more.


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