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Boeing & Wise can offer expert legal advice and guidance to clients with regards any intellectual property issue. This can range from basic advice with regards registration a trade mark or patent to bringing or defending a claim for copyright.

Our expert team can offer practical, clear, straightforward legal advice and guidance across a wide variety of intellectual property matters. Below we have set out further detail with regards two specific areas however it is not an exhaustive list. Please contact one of our expert legal advisers in order to find out more. 

Patents & Trade Marks

For many businesses ensuring their trade mark, word mark or idea is properly protected under intellectual property law is their most important requirement, in addition to their people.

Boeing & Wise have experience of working with businesses across a wide range of industries including technology, media, publishing, retailing, telecommunications and e-commerce companies.

For an affordable and competitive rate, we can handle the entire registration and application process for clients, dealing with any queries with regards the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), issues raised during the publication stage all the way through to when our client’s receive their certificate of registration.

Further, our services provide clients with a long-term legal service product that can also deal with renewal of registered trade marks and patents. Contact one of our team today to find out how we can use our expertise to help you achieve what you need.


One of the many intellectual property areas our expert team has successfully assisted clients is in the area of asserting their rights as to Copy.

‘Copyright’ arises in everything that your business has written whether in the media, books, journals, newspapers, plays, musicals or paintings. If a person were to copy your business’ work without your permission, you may be able to seek legal action and obtain compensation as regards that copy.

This area of law is particularly susceptible to legislative change and development. Therefore, it is important that if you believe your rights as to copy may be being infringed that you seek legal advice and representation immediately in order so that you understand your rights and whether or not they are being abused.

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