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Boeing & Wise can provide specialist legal advice and guidance to clients who have any insurance coverage issue or query. Specific cases we can assist clients with include claiming from an insurance policy, such as travel, home insurance, contents insurance and life insurance: if you have been mis-sold PPI or an endowment mortgage.

Below we have set out some further information with regards specific areas in which we have assisted clients successfully. Please feel free to contact one of our expert team to find out how we can help you and to find out more. 

Policy Claims

Boeing & Wise have acted for numerous policy holders with regards claims where an insurer has refused to provide cover. The grounds upon which an insurer may refuse to provide cover to a policy holder include allegations of fraud, material non-disclosure, breach of a condition of the policy or warranty.

Boeing & Wise can help clients with all these areas and more. The list set out here is not exhaustive. Therefore, please feel free to contact any of our expert team with any insurance coverage issue you may have. We can help by reviewing your insurance policy documents, and advising you as to the different options available to you in order to claim under your insurance policy.

Mis-sold PPI

Due to advertising and general media attention, Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) claims have become well-known. PPI policies seek to cover people who have taken out a loan in the event they fall behind on repayments due to a change of circumstance, such as illness or redundancy.

They are usually sold as part of a package when consumers take out a loan, mortgage or credit card. The situations where a person might be entitled to make a claim are those where a PPI policy was automatically taken out in relation to the loan without the person’s knowledge or those where the individual was told PPI was compulsory in order for them to take out the loan in the first place.

If you think this might apply to you, contact one of our team today to see how we can help. If successful, we could seek to obtain a considerable amount of refund on your behalf for payment protection premiums that you have paid over the years. This sum could be paid to you directly or it could be used to reduce the balance on the loan you still have left to repay.

Our team are ready to help you from the beginning of this process to the end, including assisting you to understand your rights under any loan agreement you have taken out, whether or not you have a right to claim for miss-sold PPI, to assisting you in writing a complaint to your lender or to the Financial Ombudsman.

Mis-sold Endowment

This can be a complex area for our clients but Boeing & Wise’s expert team are available to provide you with clear, transparent advice if you think you may have been miss-sold an endowment in relation to an interest-only mortgage. It can be difficult for clients to understand or properly identify whether or not they were mis-sold an endowment.

Key indicators Boeing & Wise will look at are whether or not your mortgage or endowment policy is suitable for your needs and circumstances and whether or not you are experiencing a shortfall. If this appears to be the case, our expert team will investigate the manner in which you were sold your endowment policy.

In general, a person can only claim if the advice they received when they took out their endowment policy was deemed incorrect or misleading.

Endowment policies were ‘all the rage’ about ten to twenty years ago and often our clients found that they were sold without the risks of the policies being properly explained. Often in relation to cases of mis-sold endowment we find that clients were advised that the endowment would definitely pay off their mortgage and that there was absolutely no risk of a shortfall occurring at the end of the mortgage term. Unfortunately, both of these claims are untrue.

If you feel these circumstances may apply to your current situation, then you could be entitled to a considerable amount of compensation for essentially being mis-sold your endowment. However, please note there are time-limits as to when a person is entitled to claim.

If you have been affected by the problem involving miss-sold endowment mortgages, it is vital you seek legal advice and representation as soon as possible in order to ensure you do not miss out on the compensation you are entitled to. Speak to one of our expert legal advisers today who could advise immediately whether or not you have a claim.


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