Commercial Dispute Resolution

Commercial Dispute Resolution cases

Delivering the results you need

Boeing & Wise can offer expert legal advice and guidance to businesses that are involved in a commercial dispute. Not all the avenues available involve litigation or require going to trial.

What you can expect from our commercial team is to assess your matter on a case-by-case basis and devise a strategy in order to best achieve the outcome and results you need.

Our expertise span a wide range of commercial situations and areas. Below we have set out information regarding two specific case types in which we have assisted clients reach favourable resolution.

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Contractual Disputes

Contracts inform every transaction with regards business (and our personal lives for that matter!) Whether you are buying or selling goods or services, we all enter into contracts on a daily basis. Boeing & Wise’s expert team are able to help clients when that process unfortunately may go wrong.

Cases in which we have successfully assisted clients include situations where a key customer or supplier might have refused to pay or delayed in payment; or when a manufacturer has delayed in providing goods that has had a serious financial impact on our client’s business.

We can assist businesses with understanding the terms within their contracts and, importantly, their rights in obtaining compensation for any losses they have incurred should things have not gone according to plan or according to what was agreed between the parties involved.

What we offer clients is a down-to-earth, effective, solution-driven legal service at affordable and competitive rates taking into account the existing financial strain that would have brought a client to us in the first place.

We provide focussed legal analysis of our clients’ problems before providing on-the-point legal advice as to how the results you want can be best achieved. Contact one of our expert team today to find out more.

Negligence Claims

Our team can assist with a variety of negligence claims to do with commercial disputes, such as defending allegations of misrepresentation or allegations of professional negligence.

We can advise defendants with regards disciplinary claims brought by individuals including claims against solicitors, accountants, surveyors and other professionals.

These claims can often be very complex and involve difficult and technical issues of fact and law. Our expert commercial team is best-placed with years of experience in order to provide commercial clients with straight-forward legal advice and updates minus the usual legal jargon or mumbo-jumbo.

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