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Boeing & Wise can offer clients specialist legal advice and guidance with regards any employment law issue, not just when an employment has come to end but also from the very beginning. Our expert team can review your employment contract and help you to understand the terms therein and, most importantly, your legal rights. We can also help negotiate favourable terms on your behalf before you start your employment and assist you with a favourable exit strategy should you the time come that you wish to move on and bring your employment to an end.

It is vitally important, as an employee, that you understand your legal rights that are provided for by law (statute) and by the terms of your employment contract. As an employee, you have specific, enforceable rights with regards the environment you work in, the minimum pay you should receive, training, references, holidays and maternity, paternity or adoption leave. As a minimum, you should not accept any treatment from your employer that is less than equal and fair. Employers always have the advantage in these situations due to the resources they will have available and owing to the fact that you need to work to live! As such, it is ever the more important that, as an employee, you understand your rights and the terms of your contract, so that you know if your rights are being inappropriately abused.

Below we have set out some further information regarding two key grounds in which our team has successfully obtained compensatory awards from employers for unfair dismissal and treatment. The information below only seeks to give you a brief outline of a very wide area of practice. It is recommended that if you are unsure as to whether or not you have an employment law claim or whether or not your rights are being abused to speak to one of our expert legal advisers who would be happy to help you today. Please also refer to our articles and publications section for more information regarding employment law issues generally.

Unfair & Constructive Dismissal

So you have been working hard for your employer for over 2 years’, perhaps something has changed internally within the company you work for, such as new management has come in which, for no particular reason, you have not particularly gelled with: and, then one day you find out that you have been dismissed without reason and without warning. What do you do?

Depending on the specific circumstances of your dismissal, Boeing & Wise can assist you with bringing a claim against your employer on the ground that the dismissal was legally unfair. What we would need to show is, firstly, that your employer had no good reason to dismiss you. Secondly, that they did not follow the company’s formal disciplinary procedure in dismissing you (that is, if your employer had a formal disciplinary procedure in place at all!)

Example cases in which we can help clients claim their dismissal was legally unfair include ones where employees were dismissed for simply enforcing their legal rights, such as for taking maternity, paternity or adoption leave, exposing wrongdoing in the workplace, taking time off for jury service or taking rest breaks in the working day. If you have been dismissed for any of these reasons or you feel there was no good reason for your employer to have fired you, then contact us. We can help.

Most commonly (although unfortunate) we find that the majority of our employment law clients are not unfairly dismissed, per se, but feel they have been forced to leave their work due to their employer’s conduct. In law this is known as ‘constructive’ dismissal, which basically means ‘as good as’ an unfair dismissal claim. Example cases of constructive dismissal include where an employer is harassing or bullying you, or allows other members of staff to harass you or bully you, suddenly demotes you for no particular reason, stops paying you, or forces unreasonable changes on you as to the way you work, such as changing your hours, shifts, travel or office location.

In either of the situations above (unfair or constructive dismissal), you could be entitled to receive compensation: either from the employer in settlement of the claim or as an award ordered by the Tribunal following a hearing. Boeing & Wise can also help you with other remedies if you feel you have been unfairly or constructively dismissed, such as getting your reinstated back into your previous role.

Our approach is to deal with these cases sensitively, quickly yet firmly. Our employment law team takes employee rights very seriously and offers an above-and-beyond legal service in order to ensure those rights are properly respected. Call us today to find out how.


It is against the law to discriminate against anyone because of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, race, handicap or disability. (These are commonly referred to ‘Protected Characteristics.’) Discrimination in the work place can take many different forms.

We have helped clients with discrimination cases where the discrimination they have experienced has been both direct and indirect.

Direct discrimination cases we can assist on include those where an employer is out-rightly treating you less favourably because of either your age, gender, sexual orientation (etc.) than others. We can also help if you feel you have been indirectly discriminated against at work: for example, where you feel your employer has set unreasonable and unjustifiable requirements in work that indirectly excludes you either from training, progressing in your career or doing your job.

Our approach is to deal with all cases sensitively but also aggressively on our client’s behalf. Discrimination is a serious claim and issue. If you are being discriminated against, you can rest assured that Boeing & Wise’s expert employment law team will do their best to achieve the compensation you deserve.

We can also help with cases to do with harassment in the work place and victimisation. For more information, please refer to our articles and publications section or contact one of our expert legal team who would be more than happy to assist.


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