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Boeing & Wise represents musicians, artists, players, agents, club officials and sporting organisations comprehensive legal advice and guidance at all levels from amateurs to professionals. What you can expect from our expert team is a practical, friendly, down-to-earth, efficient and effective legal advice and service that covers all areas of law related to sport and media.

Our Sport work can include legal advice and representation across a wide range of issues, from representation regarding disciplinary and regulatory matters to contractual and commercial disputes, sponsorship and merchandising issues, employment litigation, visa and work permit applications.

Our Media work includes legal advice and representation for clients who have been defamed, libelled against and slandered. Please read below for further information regarding two specific areas in which are can assist. The areas below are however non-exhaustive. If you have a legal issue related to sports & media, our expert team are confident we can help.

Contract negotiation

Although in general we can assist with advice regarding any contract or licencing agreement between a professional and an agency, our expert team is best placed to assist with the management of professional footballers’ careers.

Our team can ensure that your football contract negotiations delivers what you specifically need it to. Further, all contractual negotiations are conducted with not only the foresight as to the player’s short-term career but also his or her long-term career in mind.

Prior to signing or joining any association, it is absolutely imperative that legal advice is sought in order that the terms of any contract are reviewed and a player or professional’s rights are properly asserted and accounted for. Boeing & Wise’s expert team can offer such assistance. Contact one of our team today to find out how.

Libel & Slander

There are two types of defamation claims: libel & slander. Libel claims refers to ‘permanent’ publications such as written allegations, such as broadcasts on the TV, radio or on the internet. Whereas, in comparison slander claims refer to words spoken or can refer to gestures.

Clients can often feel uneasy about pursuing claims in these areas of law as they feel it might be drawing attention unduly to a problem that would go away quicker if they did not pursue it in law.

However, if a person has made a defamatory statement against you that has lowered your reputation in the estimation of a right-thinking members of the public, or affects your business, trade, office or profession, exposes you to hatred, ridicule or contempt or causes you to be shunned or avoided then you may be entitled to take legal action and receive considerable amounts of compensation for your pain.

oeing & Wise are best placed to help clients deal with these issues due to our experience, flexible approach, client-led approach to handling a matter and strict policy as regards client confidentiality.


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