Contracts Drafting

Helping protect your interests

Boeing & Wise’s expert team can offer businesses specialist legal advice and guidance in relation to the drafting of contracts.

Our services can range from review of contracts that you have already drafted and advising on the risk and liability (if any) in relation to terms, to the complete drafting of agreements giving effect to the terms and conditions you desire.

Below we have provided more information with regards the agreements we can assist businesses with.

We have separated these two categories into internal and external agreements in relation to the business. Contact one of our expert legal team in order to find out more.

Internal Agreements

Our team can assist businesses draft contracts that manage internal relationships within their organisations. These can include agreements between you and your employees, managers, shareholders, stakeholders, investors and business partners.

Our expert team do not believe in a one size fits all approach. What we offer is an effective service that is tailored specifically to what each client wants and needs.

Our team is trained to listen to what you need as a business owner and employer and then provide you with advice and guidance as to how your goals can be best achieved by the drafting of agreements internal to your company.

We have many years experience assisting clients across many different industries. The key attribute we train into our contracts drafting team is to possess a key eye for detail and mastery of prose in order that contracts drafted always work in favour of our client and their interests. 

External Agreements

Boeing & Wise can assist commercial clients with drafting agreements that involve the businesses external relationships with different parties.

These can include drafting agreements to do with confidentiality, non-disclosure agreements, service providers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers.

We have assisted clients across multiple different industries from retail, technology to telecommunications.

Our expert team can provide you with clear, straight-forward legal advice and guidance in order to deliver effective legal solutions that best give effect to the results and outcomes you want to achieve.

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