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Professional, Effective & Discrete Legal Service

Boeing & Wise offer a sensitive, professional, effective and discrete legal service to clients seeking legal advice and guidance on any family or divorce-related issue.

Our expert team has extensive experience assisting clients with a variety of different family law matters including pre-nuptial agreements and cohabitation agreements that can be useful in order so that both parties knows where the other one stands.

We can also provide advice to clients as to their parental rights and have assisted clients in representing them before the Courts in relation to supervision and custody hearings. Please read the further information set out below to see how we could help you with your family or divorce law issue. 

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Pre-nuptial Agreements

In modern marriages, pre-nuptial agreements (or pre-civil partnership agreements) have become more and more common. However, it can still be a difficult subject to broach with the other half.

Taking out pre-nuptial agreements does not mean that one party believes the relationship will come to an end or anticipates it is going to. Pre-nuptial agreements act as a practical tool in setting out the agreement between the couple in relation to their assets and income in the event the relationship does come to an end but neither party anticipates it is going to.

It is similar to taking out an insurance policy on your car or home. You don’t wake up expecting your house and contents to be on fire but if that situation did arise, at least you know you were covered.

Taking out pre-nuptial agreements that are properly drafted by a family law specialist, can save you unnecessary and costly dispute later on down the line should the relationship come to an end. If your relationship survives then neither party has lost anything from taking this cautious step.

Cohabitation Agreements

For those couples who live together but are not married, cohabitation agreements can be a useful tool in order to set out clearly for both parties what is to happen with items within the same household should the relationship come to an end.

Nobody makes the decision to move in with another person with the knowledge that the relationship will come to an end but if, by chance or circumstance, this occurs, it is better to have a cohabitation agreement in place than to be without one.

A cohabitation agreement can make it clear for both parties the rights and responsibilities in relation to the items contained therein. It can save couples thousands of pounds in legal fees and time in the future.

Financial Divorce Settlements

A couple’s or family’s finances are the most difficult issue to resolve when it comes to a divorce. Boeing & Wise offer a conciliatory legal advice and service to clients who are going through a divorce.

Our expert team are experienced in dealing with complex financial matters and so are best placed to achieve the best possible financial outcome for our clients going through a divorce.

Our team will keep you constantly updated and can advise you as to the benefits and cons in each option available to you so you can make informed decisions as to how your assets and future financial situation is to be handled. Get in touch with one of our expert family law legal advisers to find out more today.

Your Parental Rights

As the parent of a child, you have certain rights by law. These rights can usually be separated into three categories: the first, is general parental responsibility rights; second, parental rights as to residence and third, parental rights as to contact. Boeing & Wise can assist clients obtain or assert all three different types of rights.

If you are a woman who has given birth to a child, you automatically obtain Parental Responsibility rights. This is a legal term used to refer to a bundle of legal rights that allows a person (usually but not in all cases) the right to make decisions about a child’s upbringing, such as, for example, decisions regarding education, medical treatment or religious upbringing.

If you a father and you were married to the mother, you will automatically have Parental Responsibility rights. A father who is not married to the mother will only have Parental Responsibility rights if the child was born after December 2003 and if he is named on the birth certificate.

There are many different ways an unmarried father or step-parent may obtain Parental Responsibility. Our expert family law team will be able to advise you as to which option is best for you.

The other two rights as a parent (Residence & Contact) become more important for parents when a relationship or marriage has come into the end and questions as to where the child should live and how much contact the child should have with either parent is disputed.

Boeing & Wise solicitors can assist you in understanding the area of family law and provide you with specialist advice as to the options available to you in order to achieve the outcome you desire for you and your child.


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