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Debt & Bankruptcy cases

Always on your side

Whether you come to us as the debtor or the person in debt, Boeing & Wise’s standard of service and approach is always the same and that is, we are always on our client’s side, from the beginning.

What you can expect from our specialist debt & bankruptcy department is a targeted, practical solution-driven approach in order to achieve the outcome you need. We appreciate that often time is of the essence, especially if the situation has escalated to the point where you feel you require legal action intervention.

Therefore Boeing & Wise aim to achieve the outcomes our clients need in addition to achieving them in double-fast time. Contact one of our expert advisers today to find out exactly how we can help you recover or deal with your debts.

Debt Recovery

Boeing & Wise offer a comprehensive debt collection service from sending warning letters to creditors through to issuing proceedings in Court as a last resort in order to obtain payment of debts outstanding.The law affords many different ways for a debtor to obtain repayment of outstanding debts from a business or individual.

These include securing the monies owed by way of a charging order against the debtor’s property, obtaining an order for sale of the debtor’s property, obtaining an attachment of earnings order, a third party debt order, or an order that allows you to seize and sell goods which belong to the creditor in order to satisfy the debt.

Our Debt & Bankruptcy team have expertise to advise clients as to which avenue would be most effective in achieving the aims desired and repayment outstanding depending on the particular circumstances unique to each client’s case. Contact our expert team today to find out if we can help you. 

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Our expert team can provide legal advice, guidance and representation in defending bankruptcy petitions, obtaining annulments of bankruptcy orders, representing bankrupts and their spouses in proceedings.

Cases in which we have successfully assisted clients include the setting aside of statutory demands, dismissing bankruptcy petitions, appealing bankruptcy orders, defending possession and sale applications, protecting our client’s family home, suing trustees and getting bankruptcy orders annulled. Boeing & Wise offer quick, practical, clear and transparent legal advice to clients facing bankruptcy proceedings.

Our team’s aim is to minimise the loss as far as possible for clients who are already going through a difficult enough time as it is. Contact one of our expert legal advisers to see how we can use our expertise to help you. 


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